What is Faintsky?
Faintsky is a creative team that is composed of members who has a background in and have rigorous working experience in design, art, films, and sound. Faintsky includes team members that specializes in Fine Arts, Illustration, Advertising, 2D and 3D Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, UI/Mobile Application, Web Design, Photography, Editorial Design, Sound Design, and other related creative arts and is always ready to provide the best and only one of a kind services that our clients ask for.

The Least for the Best
Faintsky guarantees our clients the least costs possible for the best outcome that our clients want. Faintsky promises the high quality services, not just your ordinary design templates or open source. The moment our clients requests their needs, the moment Faintsky becomes a partner for our clients. Faintsky is always thinking and seeking for the best and creative products for our clients.

Experience the Whole Different Level of Creativity
Faintsky’s team members have received awards from design contests and have built a strong foundation and experiences. With reliable backgrounds, Faintsky’s creative designers and artists promises the outcome that our clients will be satisfied from the beginning to the end.

Come Visit Us
Go to our website, www.faintsky.com and enjoy the art works and portfolios by our members. Creative specialists from different areas have joined together and are waiting for you to share our synergy effect with you.